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    Issued by State Grid: Key work arrangements for reform in 2020

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/6/21 23:05:04 Hits:1605
    Polaris Power Transmission and Distribution Network News: Recently, State Grid Corporation of China issued a key work plan for reform in 2020.
    1. Key tasks of reform
       (1) Implement mixed ownership reforms at a higher level and a larger scale
       Strive to complete the Qinghai-Henan UHV DC project and actively recruit potential investors for the Baihetan-Zhejiang UHV DC project. Basically complete the mixed reform of secondary units such as electric vehicles, Guokang Group, General Aviation Company, and Xinyuan Company. Expand the scope of implementation of mixed reform in emerging business areas such as information and communication and integrated energy. Complete the listing of State Grid Intelligence on the Science and Technology Innovation Board within the year. The first batch of financial assets was listed in the first half of the year. The 7 "Double Hundred Enterprises" and 4 pilot enterprises for mixed reforms identified by the national ministries and commissions have achieved landmark results. Select some construction design units such as Zhejiang Power Transmission and Transformation Company to promote the reform of equity diversification. Research and explore the feasibility of cross-regional power transmission, pumped storage, and international business listing. Pay equal attention to capital introduction and transfer mechanism, and establish an incentive and restraint mechanism for mixed-reformed enterprises closer to the market.
       (2) Establish a flexible and efficient market-oriented management mechanism
      Consolidate the main responsibilities of corporate governance at all levels, select and allocate strong directors and supervisors, and strengthen the operating mechanism of the board of directors and the board of supervisors. Adopt the "internal transfer to external employment" approach, accelerate the implementation of the professional manager system in market-oriented units, and improve the assessment, salary, and exit mechanisms. Promote equity incentives in listed companies. In the Provincial Electric Power Research Institute and the Economic Research Institute, expand the dividends of scientific and technological enterprises and explore the dividends of pilot projects. Explore incentive measures such as virtual equity and virtual dividends in emerging business companies such as electric vehicles and e-commerce companies.
       (3) Vigorously promote the reform of the group's management and control model. In accordance with the requirements of "15+N", optimize the organizational structure of the headquarters, break down the departmental barriers, increase the structure and formulate the "double drop" goal. Improve the list of powers and responsibilities of the headquarters, organize the third batch of "delegation of management and service", reduce approval items, implement "strategy + operation" management and control for provincial companies, and implement "strategy + finance" management and control for market-oriented industries and financial units. Improve the autonomy of secondary units. Relevant second-level units adjusted their organizational structure accordingly, delegated authority in a step-by-step manner, and optimized system procedures.
       (4) Efforts to promote effective separation of regulatory and non-regulatory businesses
       In terms of organizational structure, management methods, and financial accounting, effective isolation and classified control of regulatory and non-regulated businesses are implemented. Consolidate the market-oriented status of industry and financial institutions, standardize the development of related transactions with provincial companies, strengthen internal control, disclose information in compliance, promote non-regulated business entities to obtain related businesses at fair prices, and solve the problem of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises".
       (5) Accelerate the construction of a unified national power market
       Research and put forward plans for the construction of a unified national power market to accelerate the pace of market construction. We will steadily advance the construction of the spot market, realize the trial operation of the inter-provincial spot market and the settlement operation of the six pilot units of the provincial spot market Changzhou, and the qualified non-pilot units will strive to start the trial operation by the end of the year. Complete the shareholding reform of provincial-level trading institutions, and establish a new mechanism for independent and standardized operation of trading institutions.
      (6) Continue to carry out the reform of transmission and distribution prices
      Implement various national price and fee reduction policies, strictly implement the transmission and distribution prices of the second regulatory cycle, and continue to optimize the cost structure. Do a good job in linking the reform of transmission and distribution prices with the liberalization of operational power generation and consumption plans, actively promote the state to properly solve the problem of cross-subsidy, and explore the linkage mechanism of industrial and commercial electricity prices and transaction electricity prices for guaranteed power supply. Accelerate the establishment of a new “platform-based” electricity bill settlement system and carry out pilot projects in spot pilot provinces. To adapt to the reform of transmission and distribution prices, adjust and optimize the company's operating strategies such as cost control, investment and operation.
       (7) Continue to advance the pilot reform of incremental power distribution
      Cooperate with the government to accelerate the implementation of pilot projects and achieve results. Actively support social entities to participate in the pilot project, and provide fair, high-quality and efficient grid-connected services. Improve the long-term working mechanism for the company's participation in the entire chain of incremental power distribution business, and study the exit guarantee mechanism for pilot projects. Innovate the operation mode, and build and put into operation a batch of typical demonstration projects with company holdings.
      (8) Actively cultivate and develop new businesses
       Institutional mechanisms to promote the development of new businesses. Implement new business implementation plans such as industrial chips, IGBTs, energy storage, smart terminals, Beidou and geographic information. Promote cooperation between industrial units and provincial companies, and establish joint ventures in the fields of electric vehicles, integrated energy, and basic resource commercial operations to create a new platform for company innovation and development.
      (9) Strive to innovate new models of customer service
       Promote the interconnection and in-depth integration of traditional businesses, energy e-commerce, energy finance and other cross-domain businesses, and build a diversified product ecosystem of "online state grid". Optimize the process of online handling of electricity, and realize the “one certificate for all handling” of online business. Improve the information disclosure mechanism of power grid resources and demand, and carry out in-depth expansion of the sunshine industry. Proactively provide customers with comprehensive energy efficiency services to enhance customer experience and sense of acquisition.
      (10) Steadily advance the reform of "Provincial Management Industry Unit"
    In September, the reform tasks such as the reduction of "collective ownership" enterprises, the establishment of property rights relations, and the standardized operation of industrial management companies were completed, and the disposal of non-core businesses was basically completed by the end of the year. Carry out special promotion activities for internal control and compliance of provincial-managed industrial units, and standardize management of related transactions, project subcontracting, and material procurement. Vigorously promote the "provincial management industry unit."
       (11) Safely divest the corporate social functions and related traditional businesses
    The social management of retirees was basically completed in October. Deepen the reform of medical institutions, and complete the reform of nursing institutions within this year. Orderly withdraw from traditional equipment manufacturing, real estate, hotels and other businesses. Basically complete the reform of production and operation institutions.
       (12) Joint efforts to promote the creation of a world model enterprise
    Classify and classify the key indicators of the world's model enterprises, and use the key indicators to lead the creation work. Benchmarking world companies, give play to the innovative exploration and pioneering role of typical arch-leading units such as Shanghai and Tianjin, increase efforts in key areas and key links, and strive to achieve leapfrog development. Do a good job in summing up experience and exchanging mutual learning to promote the establishment of the company to a new level.
    2. Work requirements
       (1) Responsibility for compacting reform work. All departments and units must have a deep understanding of the necessity and urgency of breakthroughs in reforms, and must further strengthen the responsibility for reforms and compact responsibilities step by step. The principal responsible comrades at all levels, as the first responsible persons for reform, must personally connect key reform projects, personally check major reform plans, and personally coordinate key work links. It is necessary to strengthen joint tackling difficulties, break down departmental professional barriers, break down barriers at the upper and lower levels, and form a horizontally coordinated and responsible work responsibility system to provide a solid organizational guarantee for breakthroughs in reforms.
       (2) Improve the reform supervision mechanism. All departments and departments must improve the management mechanism of the ledger, break down the key reform tasks in detail, and incorporate them into the annual key work ledger of the department and unit, and implement dynamic management and push forward. It is necessary to improve the supervision and supervision mechanism, compare the timetable, road map, and responsibility letter, to track and inspect the progress of the reform in a timely manner, coordinate and solve difficult problems, and supervise and accelerate the progress of the reform. It is necessary to improve the assessment and evaluation mechanism, and promote the implementation of the reform to the performance evaluation system of the person in charge of the enterprise to effectively stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of breakthroughs.
    (3) To open up a new situation in the work of striving for reform. It is necessary to support and encourage various reform implementation units to boldly venture and experiment, sum up and refine reform experience in a timely manner, break through typical practices in campaigns, carry out key publicity and promotion, and create a good atmosphere for striving for the first to deepen reform . It is necessary to do a good job in reporting and communication with government departments and public opinion guidance to establish the company's image of deepening reform. It is necessary to grasp the intensity and progress of the reform, strengthen work coordination and process management and control, and ensure a good situation of reform and development and stability.
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