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    Forget the original heart-remember the mission
    Production summary and commendation in the first half of the year and commemoration of the 98th anniversary of the Communist Party of China
           On June 28, the company held the "First Half Year Production Summary and Commendation and Commemoration of the 98th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China", the head office's galvanized product workshop (collective), Li Zhong's team (team), Li Tao (individual), Zang Jinhua (individual) ); Fengfan Lujian Square Rectangular Tube Workshop (collective) was commended respectively.
           Chairman Fan Jiangang pointed out at the meeting that the success of today's advanced figures can stand here to report and communicate. It is the accumulation of countless failures and struggles, and with countless sweat and tears, overcoming loneliness. Our party members, We must learn from them. We must not be weak-willed, give priority to family interests when encountering problems, and replace company interests with personal interests. These are never allowed. We must maintain the company's previous invincible, particularly hard-working, and particularly capable of fighting. The spirit of dedication; the management cadres at all levels of the company should compare the party’s standards and the company’s requirements to find out the gaps between the advanced deeds and the advanced models, and learn from them; they must "unshakable confidence and unwavering confidence": now that they have come to the demeanor On the platform, we must use our wisdom and talents on this platform, do our job well, and lead the team to make contributions; the company’s party committee and labor union must cultivate more advanced teams and individuals; the year-end evaluation work must Break the routine, you can't limit the number, you have to find one, compare one, and praise one. At the same time, he also called on everyone to carry forward the spirit of demeanor and struggle of advanced figures and advanced teams. Struggle spirit: It means to work uninterruptedly, to make unremitting mental, material, and physical hard work, to make steel into steel, and to train yourself. Demeanor: the spirit of invincibility, the spirit of ignoring personal gains and losses in the face of difficulties, the spirit of modesty and caution in the face of achievements, and the spirit of hard work, truth-seeking and pragmatism.

          At the meeting, General Manager Chen Weijing put forward four requirements for the work in the second half of the year: First, the goals should be clearer: to ensure that the work goals set at the beginning of the year are completed or exceeded. The second is to reunify the ideology: this is the need of a new era, new thinking, and a new journey. It is the need to strengthen ideological work and promote corporate culture. It is also the need to realize self-worth and appreciate the company and serve the company. The third is to be more pragmatic in the style of work: to go deep into the grassroots level to solve practical problems. We must resolutely overcome lax thinking and floating style. It is necessary to increase the sense of responsibility, carry forward the spirit of working when the company was founded, and dare to take responsibility and use it. The fourth is to work harder: to play the leading role of marketing, strengthen the construction of the marketing team, set up a good international foreign trade department and continue to explore new international markets; strictly control the supply and demand of raw materials, ensure quality, price and delivery time, and meet the company's production Demand; efforts must be made to improve the process, strengthen the control, management and supervision of each link; to give full play to the management role of the engineering department and the quality control department, to meet the customer as the only standard, the promised delivery date can only be advanced and not lagging behind. Fifth, performance should be improved again: performance appraisal should be used as the starting point, the appraisal work should be strictly checked, not being a good old person, and closed-loop management should be resolutely implemented.

    Deeds of Advanced Person (Li Tao)

    Li Tao
    Assistant Director of Galvanizing Workshop of the Third Branch

    Love and dedication, diligent study and good thinking
    Be a "screw" willing to give

    1. Not afraid of hardship or tiredness, use diligence to raise the sail of success
          In September 2015, with longing for a better life in the future and yearning for a new company, new environment and new starting point, Li Tao joined the big family of Fengfan. He was assigned to the angle steel workshop assembly line to learn about operating equipment and workshop environment. And labor intensity completely subverted his perception of the factory. The six colleagues who joined him to work in the factory at that time were unable to adapt to the working environment and left one after another. This undoubtedly had a certain impact on him. But he believes that if you are a man, you should be afraid of hardships and dangers. Isn’t it just that the environment is a little bit more tiring? What can you do if you are afraid of hardship and tired? Whenever he thought of this, he clenched his teeth and persisted, determined to do his job well. Although the operation technology of the angle steel assembly line is not difficult, it is still necessary to be careful in the specific operation to prevent accidents from happening. He "does in school, in middle school and humbly seeks advice from his master and experienced comrades around him." The hard work paid off. He quickly learned the related operation and equipment debugging skills of 0708 and 1412 CNC punching presses. He was also handy in operating the equipment. He stood out among the employees in the same position and became a monitor.
          In March 2016, he was transferred to the 0605 assembly line team of the old angle steel workshop to study and work, after which he was responsible for the production management of various replacement parts and urgent parts. Every time he receives a task, he attaches great importance to it. In line with the principle of not completing the urgent item and not leaving get off work, he completes every urgent task in time to ensure that the project delivery needs are met.
    2. Don't be arrogant or discouraged, use persistence to establish an attitude of love and dedication
         In September 2018, the company's personnel was transferred. He was transferred to work in the galvanizing workshop as an assistant to the workshop director. In his new position, he still maintains a responsible work attitude and devotes himself to the new work. In October 2018, the galvanizing showed batch blackening and poor adhesion, which seriously affected the quality of galvanizing. After working hours, by recording a large number of galvanizing data, comparing and analyzing each group of galvanizing data, eliminating and repeatedly comparing all the factors that affect galvanizing, all the factors that affect galvanizing have been verified, and the root cause of the problem still cannot be found. All methods have been tried The factory manager personally led a team to transfer part of the angle steel to the other two galvanizing plants for trial plating and visits and study, trying to find the source of the problem, but the result was still the same. The adhesion was still poor. More than 20 days passed. At this time everyone There was no clue, and everyone lost confidence. On the afternoon of October 26, the problem ushered in a turning point. A special mark was found on a blackened angle steel. Taking this as an opportunity, he went through more than 20 comparison tests on the spot. After collecting data, the root of the problem was basically found at 10 o’clock in the evening. After several comparison tests in the next few days, it was finally found that under the same conditions, the raw materials of Shiheng have extremely high requirements on the galvanizing process, and they are prone to blackening. The adhesion of the zinc layer is relatively poor; in this more than a month of work, he quickly integrated into the galvanizing workshop, and also has a more comprehensive understanding of the galvanizing workshop.
    3. Do not forget the original intention, and write the responsibility of young people with responsibility
          Since joining the work, he has given full play to the subjective initiative of young employees. He is not afraid of hardships, hardships, and daring to take responsibility. He strictly implements production plans, delves into production technology, and, together with the comrades in the workshop, has successfully completed various production tasks. Since entering the grassroots management position of the workshop, he has strictly followed the work process, rigorously and meticulously done every job, working overtime, and doing his best to complete each production task on time, with high quality and high standards. When encountering urgent production tasks, take the initiative and take the lead. For four years as a day, he always cherishes his passion and cherishes the platform for him to learn, grow, and exercise. On this platform, he silently writes about the responsibilities and responsibilities of a young person.
         Since the beginning of this year, facing the challenges of heavy production tasks, tight schedules and high requirements, as the assistant to the director of the galvanizing workshop, he has to be meticulous and perfect to complete his own job. Working under high pressure has almost become his life. In all, the galvanizing production plan is mainly a thorough plan for the time, space and quantity of the semi-finished products in the warehouse area to meet the customer’s requirements for delivery; the production plan requires a lot of information precipitation, and needs to understand the previous process every day Processing progress, whether the semi-finished products are complete, the inventory of black parts, the amount of galvanizing, the production progress of galvanizing, the packaging progress, the storage site of white parts, the delivery period of the project, whether the test tower is matched, etc., due to the particularity of the galvanizing plan. Almost every day, he needs to obtain and master the latest production status. Every day when others finish their work and leave work, part of his work has just begun. He needs to obtain the latest semi-finished product completion status from his colleagues’ work reports and update the galvanizing schedule. The collected information needs to be screened and comprehensively considered based on the tower processing completion rate, delivery date, and the time required to complete the remaining balance. The key emergency projects are given priority to complete; for the problem of uneven semi-finished products, it is necessary to first Have an accurate understanding of the type of processing progress, communicate and coordinate with the person in charge of related processes in advance, and complete the priority to meet the needs of galvanized packaging, meet the delivery date, meet customer needs to the greatest extent, and always put the company's interests first; In response to the problem of concentrated delivery time, it is necessary to estimate in advance whether the galvanizing capacity can meet the delivery date on time. For the excess capacity, he will actively report to the branch leadership in advance and make relevant plans in advance to ensure that the company’s interests and reputation.
         Abiding by the law, working diligently, ideologically advanced, daring to take responsibility, and willing to contribute, these are the qualities that this generation of young people should have and must have. I believe that in the future work, he will be more proactive and make changes in his post. Great contribution to contribute to the company's development. An ordinary person, in an ordinary post, even if there is no rhetoric, no great achievements, as long as he maintains a good style, as always, regardless of gains and losses, steadfast, hardworking, and willing to contribute, he will also emit the most shining light and inheritance The warmest heat makes an extraordinary result.

    Deeds of Advanced Character (Zang Jinhua)

    Zang Jinhua
    Group welding workshop electric welder

    Love and work hard, strive for perfection, and take responsibility

        Zang Jinhua joined the company on February 25, 2016 and is currently an electric welder in the group welding workshop of the second branch. After more than three years of work experience, he has grown into an excellent welder, with many excellent qualities shining in him, mainly as follows:
    1. Loving and dedicated to work, making extraordinary things.
          What is ordinary, ordinary, ordinary is ordinary. What is extraordinary, being able to do ordinary things well every day is extraordinary. Comrade Zang Jinhua is doing a very ordinary thing every day, "going to work and going to get off work". From January to the end of May this year, 185.95 workers have attended, with an average monthly attendance of 37.19 workers, which is 34.95 more than the total number of days from January to May of 151.
          He is suffering, but he never complains, he is tired, but he never cries tired; he works hard, he has no complaints! Except for 15.5 days when he went home during the Spring Festival, he stayed at his post for the rest of the time. In line with the mentality of doing his job well, he sticks to his post and makes silent dedication all the year round. It is his youth and sweat that writes the most glorious life in the most ordinary jobs. Relying on his continuous self-improvement, hard-working fighting ability and perfect working spirit, he worked hard, and went all the way through the cold and heat, unstoppable through all obstacles.
    2. Adhere to principles and strive for perfection
          The workshop is a wage settlement model based on the piece-rate system, and in popular terms is more work, more rewards. Such a system has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it improves production efficiency, but the disadvantage is that it reduces product quality. As a welder, Zang Jinhua also faces this problem. When he entered the factory in 2016, he was an ordinary welder at the time. He grew from an ordinary welder to an excellent welder based on the high standards of welding quality. He always maintains a high standard of quality requirements, never opportunistically, never cut corners in his work, and welds every weld carefully and responsibly. The appearance quality of the weld is praised by everyone in the industry, and he is also awarded by the branch welding process group. Praise, the monthly welding quality evaluation is the highest coefficient of 1.3. The important engineering, inspection engineering and foreign engineering of the workshop will give priority to him when arranging personnel. He has become the welding craftsman in everyone's mind, and he has really played an exemplary role.
    Three, be grateful for the company and be brave
         In the first half of the year, the workshop’s projects were short processing cycles and tight delivery times. Comrade Zang Jinhua would rush to the front as long as the workshop needed it. Faced with the arduous and arduous tasks, whether it was scorching heat or severe cold, he resolutely stuck to his post and did his duty. Conscientious. Focusing on "safety, quality, and progress", we will go all out to devote ourselves to the intense work and work overtime to grab progress.
          In February of this year, the Canadian ALUPOLE-ZC18011 project processed by the workshop was accepted on the 15th, and the workshop 14 must ensure that the test tower was completed. The workshop temporarily organized personnel to conduct surprise processing. The daytime grouping was over on the 12th. Comrade Zang Jinhua went to work at 4 pm and worked until 13 After finishing at 2 o'clock in the morning of the day, I will leave work. On the 13th at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, it worked again to 10 in the evening. I worked intermittently for 20 hours. Ensure the smooth acceptance of Canadian projects.
         In April, the 110 kV transmission line SGG-SJ4 project of Tangwang 1371 line, Xiangxi Road, Yiwu City, processed by the workshop, was required to be delivered before the end of the month due to power outage installation at the construction site. Comrade Zang Jinhua worked from 7:20 in the morning on the 27th to finish get off work at 3 in the morning on the 28th, and went to work at 12 in the afternoon until 24 in the evening. I worked intermittently for 31.5 hours. Ensure the timely delivery of this project.
         At 5 pm on May 16, the workshop received a notice requesting that the beam pipe of the Yellow Flag Project be welded overnight. Zang Jinhua was in danger again. After having been working for a day and preparing to leave work, she had dinner in the cafeteria and returned to get off work. She did not leave work until 6 am on the 17th. Work at 12pm and work until 10pm. I worked intermittently for 33 hours.
         It was his courage to take responsibility, never shirk, and his desperate execution like Saburo, which brought a new atmosphere to the entire team, set an example for other employees, and acted as a model worker. At the same time, it is just such an ordinary employee, who is unknown, low-key, works hard, displays his talents in his own position, and creates great achievements for the development of the company. In today's increasingly expansive material interests, With such perseverance, it is worth learning for all of us. He will continue to write a glorious life in this ordinary job with his youth and sweat.

    Deeds of Advanced Team (Li Zhong Team)

    Li Zhong's team
    Tower angle steel workshop

    Touyan leads, strengthens management, and builds advanced teams

    1. Give full play to the role of the goose and build a mature team
        Li Zhong, born in 1976, 42 years old, entered the company's tower angle steel workshop in 1999 and worked in the assembly line section. Through his own hard work, he grew from an ordinary employee to an excellent team leader. Since October 2013, he has been the leader of the three-branch tower angle steel workshop and the new assembly line team leader. Comrade Li Zhong has been the company with the factory as his home and rooted in the production line. He led the angle steel new assembly line with a total of 3 workshops. 107 employees united and worked hard around the company's goals to create a mature and excellent team that "can fight, fight, and win".
        Doing a good job of team building and doing a good job of employees is the key. Li Zhong's team attaches great importance to staff training, and actively serves as the branch factory's talent reserve pool to send qualified reserve talents. At present, among the 107 employees in the team, there are 1 undergraduate, 5 college graduates, 8 technical backbones, more than 60 qualified operators, 1 Communist Party member, with an average age of 35.4 years old, showing high academic qualifications, strong skills, and vitality. , There are notable features such as management and young age. At the same time, Li Zhong's team has done a good job of new employees, and injected high-quality fresh blood into the branch every year. The new employees recruited by the company every year are recruited through various introduction channels or labor service companies, and are then assigned to Li Zhong’s team after passing the interview. This year 66 new employees recruited through Li Zhong’s personal and work planning, introducing our style to the new employees The company’s corporate culture and future development have given new employees initial confidence. After joining, he worships new employees a good mentor, and through understanding and communicating the new employees’ mentality of employment, they can be targeted and organized to hire new employees. Quality training and assembly line equipment operation skills training enable new and old employees to eliminate interpersonal barriers, enhance their recognition of corporate culture, and establish a sense of organizational belonging. Make new employees quickly enter their job roles, and old employees quickly accept new employees, so that the team can quickly transition new employees into the running-in period of production and become a mature team.
    Doing a good job in team building and ideological work is fundamental. Ideological and political work is the advantage of Li Zhong's team in doing various tasks. Li Zhong's team has always adhered to the center, closely related to the theme, and close to the actual production of the team, and carried out ideological and political work in a thorough and solid manner. This class strengthens the publicity and education of the employees in the class, insists on arming people with scientific theories, guiding people with correct theories, shaping people with noble spirit, inspiring people with excellent style, and continuously improving the comprehensive ideological and moral quality and science of team workers Cultural quality, strive to cultivate and create ideal, ethical, cultural, and disciplined "Four Haves" employees, advocate the development of new types of interpersonal relationships, create a good team environment, and give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees .
        Li Zhong’s team also combined the characteristics and requirements of different periods to carry out ideological education activities that are in line with the times and the needs of our company’s new situation in various ways, helping employees to correctly view the current situation and eliminating various adverse factors to employees. Interference and influence, to ensure that employees always have a good mental state, and actively participate in the practical work of the team. Team leader Li Zhong actively cooperated with the Communist Party members Gu Xiaoyou, Shan Jia, Fan Xuefeng and others in the angle steel workshop. He always took the warmth of the employees at heart and solved some practical problems for the employees. He often went to the employee dormitory to talk and communicate after work. Employees feel the warmth of the organization. The team regards employees’ home interviewing work as a key point of ideological and political work. It insists on heart-to-heart communication with employees for a long time, resolves employees’ ideological contradictions in a timely manner, helps them solve practical difficulties in work and life, rationalizes relationships, and effectively promotes The healthy development of the team.
    2. Strengthen education and training to ensure safety
        Strengthening education and training and improving the quality of employees are an effective way to achieve safe production. According to the production development requirements, under the guidance and supervision of the safety and environmental department of the head office, Li Zhong’s team actively implemented the "four basic tasks" in the branch workshop and combined the actual situation of the team and actively instilled and implemented "safety" among the team employees. Production is the source of family happiness" management philosophy, and earnestly carry out production learning activities. Based on the actual situation of the class, Li Zhong's team formulated a detailed education and training plan, and established a safety education and training activity leadership group with the class leader as the leader to strengthen education and training and consolidate the foundation for safety work.
    In terms of safety education and training, Li Zhong's team adheres to people-oriented, site-based positions, and management as the focus, paying attention to guiding employees to improve their ability to control unsafe factors from the ideological and behavioral aspects.
    In the content of safety education, highlight the awareness of “safety first” of employees, highlight the awareness of “I want safety” of employees, highlight the skills of “I know safety”, highlight the fulfillment of the responsibility of “I manage safety”, and highlight The task of "I guarantee safety" was completed, and the safety production of the whole year was finally realized.
        Li Zhong’s team earnestly studied and implemented various rules and regulations, always adhered to the principle of safety first and prevention first, and achieved the following points in terms of safety in production: first, recognize the importance of safety in production from an ideological perspective; second, Improve the ability of production technology and be familiar with the operating procedures; third, there must be a good spirit of unity and cooperation and mutual supervision and supervision. Thanks to the earnest efforts of the team members, the team's safety situation has achieved obvious results in the past six months, and there have been no mechanical accidents or minor injuries or above in the team.
    3. Attach importance to quality management and safeguard company interests
        Quality is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the foundation of the brand. In the minds of the team and staff, actively instill and promote, "Excellent products are made by excellent people", "Quality is in my hands, and satisfaction is in your heart", "Revolve around the market, follow the market, and change with the market", "product quality is the life of the development of the enterprise" management concept, implement the management method of division responsibility, group supervision, and counterparty check in the team to achieve equipment To people, 5S work, and responsibility for sanitation and cleaning. Li Zhong’s team earnestly implements product quality processing technology requirements, strengthens production site and product quality management, and according to the quality management requirements of the quality control department every month, two shifts must be carried out on product quality Awareness and operational skills training. At the same time, dynamic inspections are intensified. Self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special-person inspection are carried out at the production site. Those responsible for quality problems will be given corresponding economic penalties according to the degree of responsibility.
    Li Zhong's team has 21 assembly lines, 7 angle cutting machines, 1 angle opening and closing machine, 1 manual drilling machine, and 1 automatic back shovel machine. In accordance with the requirements of the Design Department and monthly equipment management work, insist on doing a good job of daily equipment inspection work, earnestly complete equipment inspection and equipment handover records, timely discover hidden dangers in the production site equipment, and notify the Design Department in time for maintenance. Ensure the accuracy of product quality processing, organize the parties to analyze the causes of product quality defects in the team in a timely manner, find the causes of product quality defects, make detailed records of product quality defects, draw inferences from one another, and use the team morning meeting to report to all employees of the team every day Propaganda and education implementation, formulation of preventive measures for similar accidents in the future, etc. As a result of strict management, the phenomenon of product quality self-inspection has been eliminated, the team product quality management has been comprehensively improved, and the company's interests and reputation have been effectively and effectively maintained.
        Li Zhong's team strengthened its own construction, strict labor discipline, and actively organized its employees to participate in various professional skills learning and various activities organized by the company branch. The team has a high awareness of democratic management and a strong sense of unity and cooperation, setting a model for the entire plant. effect. In the first half of this year, Li Zhong’s team completed 39002 tons of semi-finished products, with a qualification rate of 99.9%, zero accidents in production safety, and 98 points in the team’s 5S cleaning standard. Other management tasks ranked among the best in the performance appraisal. In the second half of the year, the members are determined to unite sincerely, continue to carry forward the excellent style of being able to endure hardships and fight, and become a sharp knife class and model class of our style. With the belief of "I have me in the first battle, I will win!" Strive to make all tasks reach a new level.

    Advanced collective (galvanized finished product workshop)

    Galvanized finished product workshop

    Give full play to the leadership of party members and work together to achieve the goal

    Since the beginning of this year, the galvanized finished product workshop has taken the company’s "two highest interests" as the starting point and goal, faced with the tight schedule, heavy tasks, multiple projects, and difficulties in the first half of the year, and strived to overcome difficulties such as tight space and shortage of personnel. Workshop party members and management cadres give full play to their exemplary and leading role, defying difficulties, charging ahead, enduring hardships, and fighting on duty 24 hours a day. As of the 25th, the galvanized output (94446 tons); the packaging output (99558 tons); the shipping output (91445 tons), it is estimated that by the end of this month, the production of galvanizing (97744 tons); the output of packaging (1,03051 tons); the output of shipping (96278 tons), all have reached the highest output in history.
    1. Complete organization, clear division of labor, and give full play to the leadership of party members
        One is a sound organization. Established a workshop party member demonstration team with the head of the branch plant as the team leader and other party members as the team members, aiming to do a good job in the management of the workshop, coordinate the work of the workshop, and lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the set half-year goal;
        The second is a clear division of labor. In the workshop, a safety management team led by party member Dai Qingfeng, a quality process management team led by party member Xu Zhengxin, and a packaging and delivery management team led by party member Ding Huiming were established. Each small group of workers is clear and coordinated with each other, so that the workshop forms a joint force, which effectively promotes the improvement of workshop output quality and internal management;
        The third is to demonstrate and lead. In all work in the workshop, the party members gave full play to the role of demonstration and leadership, leading the charge and working hard, and played a role as a benchmark in the entire workshop, which gradually increased the production capacity of the galvanized finished product workshop and maintained a good development trend.
    2. Clear goals, coordinate and coordinate, and strive to complete production tasks
        Since the beginning of this year, centering on the production target of the third branch in the first half of the year, management personnel have closely focused on this goal, carefully deployed, strengthened communication, united and cooperated, mobilized all resources that can be mobilized, and used the full potential of the workshop to ensure safety and environmental protection. Next, go all out to complete the goal.
        One is to plan ahead. The workshop management staff made a forecast on the production capacity of the workshop equipment. In January, they conducted statistics on the existing personnel, communicated with the head office and the labor service company in advance, and put forward the manpower requirements in advance. In the process of recruiting new employees, the workshop strictly controls the quality of new employees, and strives to reduce the increase in turnover rate caused by the inability of newly recruited employees to adapt to the working environment and work intensity, resulting in a waste of company resources. Through everyone's efforts, the recruitment of new employees this year was completed in early March, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the semi-annual production target.
        The second is to race against time. The 4 galvanizing workshops are fully opened in 8 shifts, and the continuous operation is continuous for 24 hours. The monthly output has gradually increased, with an output of more than 20,000 tons. At the same time, in view of the large number of towers, short construction period, and high requirements this year, the workshop party members and management personnel actively communicated with the upper and lower workshops, and directly placed the packaging in the designated area, reducing the material transfer time and gaining time for the finished product packaging. The distribution and packaging of the finished product workshop has changed all the shifts of the Changbai shift in the past, using two shifts 24 hours a day, making full use of the existing sites, cranes, forklifts and other equipment to maximize the production capacity of the equipment. In view of the large amount of shipping tasks this year and the tight schedule of project delivery, the shipping team uses part of the diverted to the old factory wharf for loading. For uncertain factors in the delivery time, the shipping team sorts out the materials that need to be shipped in advance and stacks them together for the purpose of delivery. The smooth development saves time and guarantees that you will not leave work unless you complete the task that day.
        The third is one heart. In April of this year, in order to further utilize the production capacity of the branch plant and improve night work efficiency, light poles were installed on the site to meet the needs of field operations. Under the situation of large engineering volume and tight site turnover, the employees of the workshop overcome difficulties, and party members and cadres took the lead. , Follow-up operations, carry out the 24-hour split packaging operation with lights and night battles, making the monthly packaging output of the finished product workshop gradually rise steadily, reaching the highest level in history. In this year’s Udonde project, in the face of the tight schedule and large amount of tasks, the workshop gave full play to the leading role of party members and cadres in the face of difficult site turnover after the year, and mobilized office personnel and management cadres above the supervisor to take advantage of the noon break. Work overtime in the evening, and completed batch after batch of work such as pressing plates and material distribution for foreign projects, which fully reflects the unity and concerted efforts of all parties to meet the requirements of engineering packaging and shipping.
    3. Strengthen training, strict management, safety and quality go hand in hand
        The first is to insist on strengthening the training of employees' quality awareness, safety awareness and vocational skills, and insist on "training one group, one qualified group, and one group" for new employees; old employees regularly carry out publicity and implementation training. In normal work, we use morning meetings, special meetings and other forms to continuously inculcate quality awareness and safety awareness to employees, and establish employee quality reward measures, establish a workshop quality honor and disgrace list, and reward employees without quality problems to ensure The product packaging quality is stable.
        The second is to strictly grasp violations of regulations and rules in the workshop to eliminate potential safety hazards. Party members and management cadres conduct daily inspections on the work site, and publicize and implement safety requirements through monthly employee safety meetings and other forms to improve employee safety awareness and ensure the normal and orderly development of production . In particular, in terms of safety improvement, party members and management cadres worked together and after several rounds of discussions, in June completed a workshop "cancellation of unprotected work under the beam" hidden danger rectification pilot work, and gained experience for the full implementation in July. In addition, the workshop also made up its mind to completely rectify and gradually eliminate the hidden dangers of high-level transshipment under the supervision of municipalities and towns, and adopted safety monitoring measures for special circumstances to eliminate the problem of high-level operation.
    4. Use your brains, be united, and use collective wisdom to solve difficulties
        Although we have achieved excellent results in the first half of the year, we still have many problems in the process, but the party members and management cadres of our galvanized finished products workshop unite the staff, use their brains, give play to each person’s expertise, and solve them with collective wisdom One has one problem, and one difficulty after another has been overcome with the strength of unity.
        First, the delivery time is tight, leaving short processing time for the galvanized finished product workshop. In the first half of the year, many projects had very short delivery times, and there were bottlenecks in the processing of semi-finished products, and packaging and shipping had to be completed after the towers were ready for work. In order to solve this problem and meet customer needs. The galvanized finished product workshop actively connects with the previous workshop. The leaders of the workshop went deep into the previous semi-finished product workshop to actively make suggestions, play the leading role of party members, accelerate the speed of tower circulation, and gain time for galvanized packaging. At the same time, the workshop opens a 24-hour packaging operation to complete the task. basis.
        Second, the processing cycle of semi-finished products is long, and it is difficult to finish galvanized packaging. In the first half of the year, in order to complete the task, the semi-finished product processing equipment was fully opened, and the tower type was fully bloomed, resulting in a slow closing speed of the tower type and a long cycle. In response to this situation, the workshop party members worked together to develop, and offered suggestions to draw a blueprint. Increase the size and refinement of the tower type, and command the processing order of semi-finished products according to the packaging plan, so that large batches of projects can be fed at one time, and the processing is based on the number of bundles. This not only satisfies the advantages of batch processing of semi-finished products, but also meets the requirements of galvanized packaging in batches according to the bundle number, so that the processing of semi-finished products and galvanized packaging can be fully produced.
        In the process of constantly solving problems and solving difficulties, the workshop has also formed a tacit understanding, that is, hiding and concealing cannot solve problems. Only by constantly discovering and solving problems can the work progress; shirking cannot overcome difficulties. Only by working together and using everyone's wisdom and talents can we take all tasks to the next level.
        A party member sets a banner, a party member sets a benchmark, looking forward to the work in the second half of the year, the galvanized finished product workshop must fully summarize the experience gained in the first half of the work, and give full play to the role of party members in the work of the workshop. Work together, work hard, work hard, take responsibility, and always maintain a high morale. I believe that through the leadership of the workshop party members and management cadres, the work of the workshop will reach a new level in the second half of the year. Work in the second half of the year China has achieved great results again.

    Advanced collective (style green construction of rectangular tube workshop)

    Fengfan Green Building Rectangular Tube Workshop

    Give full play to the leadership of party members and work together to achieve the goal

    1. Production:
          In 2014, the square tube workshop completed equipment installation and trial production. The production output was about 6,000 tons that year. In the following years, with the increase in market share and the continuous increase of marketing orders, the workshop output has also increased, and it has doubled year after year. The 350 unit was successfully put into production in December 2017, which optimized our product structure. The annual output in 2018 was 86,000 tons, which successfully completed the company's annual target. In the first half of 2019, the marketing department fully developed the market and sufficient orders. Our rectangular tube workshop focused on marketing and reasonably arranged production tasks. The production of single specifications was as large as thousands of tons and as few as tens of tons. The tasks assigned by marketing were completed with quality and quantity. In March, the production and sales exceeded 10,000 tons. As of June 25, the production volume was 47,500 tons, which is more than half of the time and more than half of the task.
    2. Process skills:
          Rectangular tube production involves two major processes: mold debugging and welding. Before each product specification is changed, matching mold replacement and debugging work must be carried out. The workload is large and involves a wide range. At the beginning, it takes about 8 hours on average each time. With the continuous exploration and accumulation of experience, the whole line is now synchronized and coordinated operations, which greatly shortens the replacement and debugging time. The average replacement and debugging time for the entire line is controlled at about 5 hours. The rectangular tube welding process uses high-frequency welding technology, which has strict requirements on the surface of the material, the forming opening angle, and the amount of extrusion. Under the guidance of the equipment supplier, we have gradually mastered the technical data parameters, according to the different specifications of the product , Different thickness, skilled application of induction welding and contact welding.
    3. Quality process control:
          Rectangular pipes are produced in strict accordance with customer requirements and related standards to meet customer needs as the standard. Through continuous exploration, accumulating experience, collecting customer feedback information, etc., the company has compiled technical documents, quality management manuals, and program documents for the square tube. From scratch and gradually improve, organize staff learning and training, and implement it throughout the production process.
    4. Talent training reserve:
          At the beginning of the company’s establishment, in order to ensure the smooth production and quality assurance of the square tube, we specially hired 3 engineers. The process quality control and equipment maintenance of the workshop for the first three years were all carried out under their guidance and depended on them. Stronger sex. Since the beginning of last year, in consideration of the long-term development of the workshop, the workshop has sent outstanding employees to follow them to learn about debugging technology and other related technologies. Now it has realized that conventional products can be independently debugged and processed. So far, 3 workshop technicians have been trained and 4 to 5 technical backbones have been reserved, and certain results have been achieved.
          In short, the Lvjian square rectangular tube workshop is in the growth stage, and there are still many tasks that are not satisfactory and need to be improved. "Don't forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind", always aiming at the company's two highest interests, keeping up with the company's development, I believe that under the care and guidance of the company's leaders, and with the joint efforts of all employees, the Fangjun Workshop will definitely be able to Do a good job in quality control, achieve new breakthroughs in output, and increase sales.

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